Commited to Improving Lives Through Martial Arts In Junction City!

Commited to Improving Lives Through Martial Arts In Junction City!

Commited to Improving Lives Through Martial Arts In Junction City!Commited to Improving Lives Through Martial Arts In Junction City!

"Because Real Life Has No Referees!"

Welcome to Elite Academy of Martial Arts


Kids Martial Arts

Elite Academy's kids martial arts program is what parents are excited about! This is because we blend self-defense, fitness, and life skills into an exciting, practical, and fun experience for kids of all ages! The premier kids martial arts program in Junction City! Call to enroll today!


Adult Martial Arts

Powerful kicks and quick effective strikes that are able to stun any adversary. Adults learn effective self-defense techniques you can use to protect yourself and those you love. The Adult program is suited for beginners and the advanced. It is Fun, Functional, and will increase your Fitness! We are the only school that offers a functional blend of Kali, Jeet Kune Do, Korean Arts, ground defense, and Muay Thai in Junction City Call Now to Enroll!


Weapons Defense

Filipino Martial Arts are known for their weapons. Our Adult program focuses on self-defense and includes effective and reality based weapons defense. There are over half a million attacks with weapons a year. Elite Academy can instruct you on effectively defending yourself from these attacks. Elite Academy is the only school certified to teach Filipino Martial Arts in the Manhattan, Junction City area.  

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What We Offer!!

Self Defense

One of the primary reasons one trains in martial arts is for self defense. Here at Elite we offer reality based training to give you the confidence you need in a self-defense situation. Whether it is an encounter on the street or a bullying situation training in martial arts can give you the tools you need!

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Martial Arts students develop self-esteem and confidence. this will make all the difference in anyones life. When a person belives they can do anything they set their mind to, they become healthy, happy, successful adults.

Self-Control and Discipline

The foundation of Martial Arts is Discipline and Self-Control and the benefits are numerous. From better fitness and a healthy lifestyle to an increase in focus and determination. the attributes of discipline and self-control are essential to living a resilient life.

Friends and Coaches

Martial Arts is about helping one another. the instructors at Elite are dddicated to your success in the martial arts. We will spend the extra time to help you absorb that new technique while providing a safe and comfortable learning environment free from egos!


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Elite Academy of Martial Arts

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